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Union with Christ: the Key to a Fruitful Life

We will take a break from our study of the book of Genesis to look at a key passage in the letter to the Romans, which answers the question “what place does the Law of God have in the Christian life?” How should we view the Law? This is not just an academic or theoretical question, it is a very practical one, which has caused great trouble in the church and in many people’s lives. And this text is a key passage in the flow of the book of Romans that is often overlooked and misunderstood. Here, Paul helps us to see the key principle in living the Christian life is UNION with Christ. Paul wants us to understand that every true believer is married to Jesus Christ! And he makes this point clear with this marriage analogy. 

1. The marriage analogy presented. (vv. 1-3)
2. The marriage analogy explained. (v. 4)
3. The implications for the Christian Life. (vv. 5-6