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Total Depravity and the Need for Grace

In Romans 3:9-20 we come to the conclusion of Paul’s argument for the universal need for the powerful gospel of God. Using many quotes from the OT, Paul teaches the universal depravity and corruption of mankind. All people born in this world are, by nature, under a curse and in need of salvation. The force of this passage must be understood and felt before the gospel will make sense and be embraced by sinners. This passage clearly teaches the Total Depravity of mankind. If we understand this point, the gospel will not only make sense to us, it will be very, very good news.

We will consider these points from the text
1. The moral inability of all mankind. (vv. 9-12)
2. The corruption within. (vv. 13-14)
3. The way of sinners. (vv. 15-17)
4. The root problem. (vv. 18)
5. The evangelical use of the law. (vv. 19-20)
6. Encouragements for our faith.