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The Righteousness of Faith and the “Freeness” of the Gospel

The question of assurance of salvation is crucial for all of us. How can we know that we are saved? After explaining the sovereignty of God in salvation and describing the failure of Israel to embrace the promises of God by faith, Paul makes clear the freeness of the gospel. He describes the way that salvation is made available for all. It is by grace through faith. There is no excuse for unbelief because of the reality of Christ’s death and resurrection. The message is entitled The Righteousness of Faith and the “Freeness” of the Gospel. The text is Romans 10:5-13. We will consider these four points:

  1. The contrast between two kinds of righteousness.
  2. The sure and only way of salvation.
  3. The universality and “freeness” of it.
  4. The implications for us today.