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The Great Deliverance of Salvation

What does it mean to be truly free? Many people think freedom is doing whatever you want to do.  This is not biblical freedom. People are free to do what they want but the problem with sinners is that we are enslaved to sin. Our wills are not free at all. We are in bondage to sin. But in the gospel, God delivers us through our union with Christ. In our text Paul continues to discuss the gospel blessing of sanctification.
The text is Romans 6:15-23.
onsider these three points:

1. The great question (who is your master?) (vv. 15-16)
2. The great deliverance (seen in true conversion) (vv. 17-19)
3. The great contrast (seen in the two ends/goals) (vv. 20-23)
Then we will consider the application to us today.