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The “Good News” of Justification

We now come to the very heart of the gospel as Paul proclaims the doctrine of justification by faith alone. This doctrine sparked the controversy that led to the Protestant Reformation. It is essential that we understand this. Martin Luther said that this was the doctrine on which the church stands or falls. Calvin said it was the hinge on which all religion turns. But sadly many professing Christians today do not know anything about it. And we need to understand it and live by it to the glory of God. We will consider these points as we look at this foundational passage:
Romans 3:21-26
1. The importance of justification.
2. The doctrine clearly revealed.
3. The means and freeness of it. (By faith alone, received as a gift.)
4. The satisfaction of it. (There is a “propitiation” for sins.)
5. The purpose and result.
6. Application to us. (What should we do because of this truth?)