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The Failure of Peter and Judas

We will be contrasting the failure of Peter and the failure of Judas. We will see that the difference is very great. But it is not because Peter’s sin is not so bad. We are invited to see the difference between true and false repentance here. Can a true Christian deny Christ? Yes and no.  Not ultimately. But it is not because we are stronger in ourselves. It is because of the grace and strength of our savior. And we are exhorted to be renewed in true repentance and faith so that we can be useful for him and ready to stand with him in this world with confidence in his saving work. Our text is Matthew 26:69-27:10.
We will consider these five points:
1. The failure of Peter’s faith.
2. Judas’ acknowledged guilt.
3. The difference between them.
4. The revealed purpose of God in all of this.
5. Lessons for our faith.