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The Defiling of Dinah and the Separation of Israel

We continue to study the life of Jacob and see the danger of worldliness that always accompanies God’s pilgrim people while in this world. We need to ask this question, “How can we be separate from the world and live holy lives?” We see in this account how God, in his providence, used the vengeance of Simeon and Levi to bring a separation between Israel and the nations. Even though what they did was sinful in itself, God used it for his own purpose. But we will consider the true purpose of circumcision, which was fulfilled in Christ, and how we are to live in light of it.
1. The outrageous thing that happened and the danger that accompanied it.
2. The vengeance of Jacob’s sons, and the separation that resulted from it.
3. The fulfillment in Christ and the lessons for our faith today.