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Jesus the Already Reigning King

We continue in our study of the gospel of Matthew looking at Jesus’ deliverance of two men who were oppressed by demons. The text is Matthew 8:26-34. The title of the message is “Jesus the Already Reigning King.” The gospel is good news for sinners. Jesus has come to set us free from sin and Satan. He came to destroy the works of the devil. He has done that once and for all on the cross! He continues to rescue sinners from the kingdom of Satan. But there will be two responses to his kingship. Those who remain content with sin will not welcome his kingship. Jesus calls us, as believers, to trust in his saving rule, to be his witnesses in this world, and to eagerly wait for his return! We will consider these four points from the text:
1. The region of darkness into which Jesus came.
2. The demonstration of His saving rule.
3. The reaction of the people.
4. Encouragement for our faith today.