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Jesus, Our Great Physician

This week we are returning to our study of the gospel of Matthew. Having finished the Sermon on the Mount, we now begin Matthew’s detailed account of Jesus’ healing ministry. Jesus’ teaching and healing ministries work together. His miracles demonstrate the power of his gospel. This week we are considering Jesus’ healing of the leper as a demonstration not only of his power to save, but his willingness to save and cleanse all those who come to him. We will consider how leprosy was used by God as a symbol and illustration of our sinful condition. We will see how Matthew explains the healing miracles of Christ as a fulfillment of Isaiah 53 (see Matthew 8:17). We see the leper as an example of faith to us.  We see the compassion of Christ in his willingness and in the manner in which he healed the leper.
We will consider these three points:
1. The leper and his faith.
2. Jesus great compassion
3. The encouragements for our faith today.