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Jacob’s Peaceful Encounter with Esau

We will continue with the life of Jacob and see his peaceful encounter with Esau. This encounter was the event that Jacob dreaded the most about his return to the promised land. But after his encounter with the Angel of the Lord at Penuel, this encounter becomes anti-climactic.  We need to consider how all our fears can and should be subdued by the exercise of faith. When we are right with God through faith in Christ, we have nothing else to fear. But this chapter ends with a hint of compromise that foreshadows trouble to come. Is Jacob finding too much peace in the world? We will see what happens in the next chapter.
We will consider these points as we look at Jacob’s Peaceful Encounter with Esau.
1. His careful approach.
2. His gracious reception
3. His departure in peace.
4. Lessons for our faith today.