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Answering Questions of Presumption and Unbelief.

In ourtext, Romans 3:1-8,  Paul begins to pose and answer rhetorical questions that might be posed by presumptuous and unbelieving people. It is important for us to understand the thought behind each question and how Paul answers it because these questions are not only posed by unbelievers, but all of us, as believers, are tempted to doubt at times in our lives and we need this encouragement for our faith.
 We will consider these four questions and then discuss encouragements for our faith from scripture.

1. What advantage has the Jew or what is the value of circumcision?
2. Does covenant failure nullify God’s faithfulness?
3. Is God unrighteous to inflict wrath?
4. If God is sovereign and is glorified even by my sin, why not do evil that good may come?
5. Encouragements for our faith.