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Sermons from November 2020

The Universal Call to Worship

We will be looking at a well-known psalm of praise, which is an expression of the gospel. Many people do not understand the gospel is calling us to worship God and giving us the freedom to do so with joy. Many professing Christians do not live lives of joyful service but instead often appear to…

Joseph: a Prophet in Prison

We continue to study the life of Joseph. While Joseph is in prison, he serves as a prophet of the Lord. The Lord is preparing him for his future work. Joseph faithfully serves where the Lord has called him. In the interpretation of these two dreams, we will see the two destinies that are awaiting…

Gathering with Jesus

We will consider the final kingdom parable in Matthew 13. Jesus tells this final kingdom parable to illustrate the great work of the kingdom and to reiterate the mission of the church in this world until he comes again. The text is Matthew 13:47-52. We will consider these four points:1. The universal call of the…

Faithfulness Tested: Joseph in Potiphar’s House

Scripture Reference: Genesis 39In the story of Joseph’s ordeal in Potiphar’s house, we see the theme of the sovereignty of God. We see Joseph’s faith throughout his ordeal. But we also see the temptation to discouragement along the way. How was Joseph repaid for his faithfulness? How would you feel? What does this teach us…

Treasuring the Kingdom

This week our text is Matthew 13:44-46. We are looking at the parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price. These two parables illustrate the same truth, the great value of the kingdom of heaven for us and what faith will cause a person to do when he understands the value of the kingdom.…

The Legacy of Judah

We will consider the story of Judah and Tamar. Judah will be significant in the history of redemption. But his legacy is not because of his greatness. God delights to show his grace in Judah.The Legacy of Judah1. Judah’s Canaanite connection.2. Judah’s relationship with Tamar.3. The blessings that came of it.

God’s Plan for Human Government

We will consider what the Bible says about Gods plan for Human government. God’s Plan for Human Government: Genesis 9:5-6, Romans 13:1-7, Revelation 13, Ephesians 1:22-231. The necessity of human government2. The blessing of human government.3. The curse of human government.4. The hope of God’s people.

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