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Sermons from July 2020

The Separation of Jacob

In Genesis 31 God continues to deal with Jacob, sanctifying him and teaching him to live by faith. The Lord calls Jacob to take his family out from Laban’s house and to be separate from him. We will consider the Lord’s call to “holiness” for us. As pilgrims in this world we are like Jacob and are…

The Blessing of Jacob

We will continue with the story of Jacob. Jacob is blessed by the Lord but needs to learn that these blessings are undeserved and freely given. They do not come by his cleverness and schemes but by God’s good pleasure. God is also sanctifying him through trials. We also need to rest in God’s sovereign…

The Great Blessing of the Kingdom

We will consider Jesus’ encouragement for us as members of the kingdom of heaven. What does it mean when Jesus says that “the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John”?  We need to take our eyes off of the obstacles and remember the privileges we share in Christ’s glorious…

The Offense of the Cross

John the Baptist has something of a crisis of faith as he is in prison, awaiting martyrdom. He sends messengers to Jesus to ask if he is the one to come or should we seek another? John needs to see the glory of the gospel and learn that it is greater than he had imagined.…

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