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Sermons from May 2020

Our Only Hope in the Face of Death

Matthew presents the pinnacle of Jesus’ authority and power. He has power even over death. And he is willing and able to save all those that come to him by faith. Once again Matthew shows us that it is not the greatness of our faith and understanding, but the object of our faith that saves.…

The Bridegroom and the Bride

We continue in the gospel of Matthew to see how Jesus’ ministry brings changes to the piety and life of the church. We need to keep our eyes fixed on him and remember he not only brings in the great blessings of the covenant promises, but he is the blessing of the covenant. In his…

The Already and Not Yet Blessings of Faith

This Sunday we are considering the third miracle in this second group of three. In this miracle, Jesus makes an announcement of good news concerning the forgiveness of sins. He also backs that up with a demonstration of his authority to forgive sins. The text is Matthew 9:1-8. The message is entitled, “The Already and…

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