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Good News For All People

In this message we will consider the good news of the birth of Christ as it was proclaimed to the shepherds. The shepherds were the lowest class of people and yet they, and not the royal family, were privileged to have the herald angels. The text is Luke 2:1-20. We will consider these four points…

Spiritual Victory through Christ

When Jesus came down from the mountain, he was immediately confronted with the failure of the disciples to do what he had given them the power to do (i.e., cast out a demon). Here Jesus seems to be most frustrated in his ministry. But Jesus brings healing and explains the need for the disciples to exercise their faith. We will consider the nature of saving faith and how the resurrection of Christ makes all the difference in our spiritual warfare.

The Call of the Gospel

After beginning to explain his true mission and what awaits him in Jerusalem, Jesus issues this call to discipleship. This call to discipleship is the main vow of membership in the church. We will see that this call is given in light of the gospel. Jesus also gives us three statements that support and encourage us in this life of faith.

The Mercy of the Son of David

Reference: Matthew 15:21-28 We see a contrast between the reception of Jesus among the scribes and Pharisees and among the gentiles. In our text, this Canaanite woman is presented as an example of faith to us. We will consider how we are to be encouraged in our faith by seeing Jesus’ response to her. Sermon…