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Sermons on Faith

The Testing of Faith Through the Sea

We will be considering Matthew’s account of Jesus’ miraculous walking on water in Matthew 14:22-33. This is a unique manifestation of the glory of Christ. We will consider how it was that Peter was able to walk on water and how he failed. We will consider what encouragement we have for our faith today. Particularly…

Treasuring the Kingdom

This week our text is Matthew 13:44-46. We are looking at the parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price. These two parables illustrate the same truth, the great value of the kingdom of heaven for us and what faith will cause a person to do when he understands the value of the kingdom.…

The Offense of the Cross

John the Baptist has something of a crisis of faith as he is in prison, awaiting martyrdom. He sends messengers to Jesus to ask if he is the one to come or should we seek another? John needs to see the glory of the gospel and learn that it is greater than he had imagined.…

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder?

We continue in the life of Jacob. Here the Lord begins to lead him in faith as a pilgrim like his father. We see that the Lord takes the initiative with his people. We must learn to rest in his promises and respond to him with faith. We will consider these four points: 1. Jacob’s…

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