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O Taste and See That the Lord is Good!

We will consider the message of Psalm 34, which is our theme scripture for this year’s Thank Offering. This is an evangelistic psalm that not only calls us to worship but invites others to join us as well. We will consider these points: David’s testimony. (vv. 4-7) David’s invitation. (vv. 8-14) David’s declaration of the…

The Alter of Incense

We are continuing in Exodus 30:1-10, and vss. 34-38, which deal with the altar of incense. We will consider the significance of this altar in the history of redemption. Consider these three points: 1. The altar and its use. 2. The symbolism fulfilled in Christ. 3. Application to our faith today.

The Great Faith Struggle

Our passage is Romans 7:7-25. This passage is somewhat controversial as Paul lays out the struggle against sin and the use of the law in that struggle. Is this the struggle of one who is not yet a believer? Or, is this the ongoing struggle of the believer? We will consider how Paul describes this…

The Holy Priesthood

We continue to see God’s prescriptions for the high priest. Last time we saw the garments and instruments for being a mediator. Now we see God’s instruction for ordaining the priests and setting them apart for service. These things find their fulfillment in Christ, and they also are true for us in Christ. The text…

The Garments of the Priest

We will continue in our study of the tabernacle and the things associated with it. Our text is Exodus 28. We will be considering the holy clothing of the high priest. Consider these four points: The Garments of the High Priest are – 1. For glory, beauty, and holiness. 2. For representing the people. 3.…

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

We will return to our study of the book of Romans. Scripture reference is Romans 6:1-14. Here, in chapter six, Paul makes a transition in his teaching from justification to sanctification. But notice the way that he does this and how he keeps our focus on Christ and his death and resurrection. Consider these three points: 1.…

The Bronze Altar

We will be considering the Bronze Altar as described in Exodus 27:1-8 and its use as described in Exodus 29:38-43. Consider these four points: 1. The construction and symbolism of the altar, 2. The need and daily use of it, 3 The fulfillment in Christ, 4. Application to us today.

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