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The Book of Matthew (Page 9)

The Faith that Jesus Commends

We continue in Matthew chapter eight. We have another example of faith in the gentile centurion who comes to Jesus. This is the only place in the gospel where Jesus is said to marvel. Jesus proceeds to use this man as an example of faith that puts the Jews to shame. What is it about…

Jesus, Our Great Physician

This week we are returning to our study of the gospel of Matthew. Having finished the Sermon on the Mount, we now begin Matthew’s detailed account of Jesus’ healing ministry. Jesus’ teaching and healing ministries work together. His miracles demonstrate the power of his gospel. This week we are considering Jesus’ healing of the leper…

The Church in the World

We will conclude our study of the beatitudes, looking particularly at this last beatitude and the verses that follow. Why do we think that the Christian life should be easy and that if we are living right everyone will think well of us when Jesus says otherwise?  Consider these three points: 1. The blessed condition…

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