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The Book of Matthew

The Great Commission: The Conclusion of the Gospel

We will be considering the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20. This is the commission given to the church. It is misunderstood and much neglected today. We will consider these four points from the text: 1. The foundations of the Great Commission. 2. The imperatives of the Great Commission. 3. The accompanying promise. 4. The implications for…

The “King of the Jews” Stands Before Pilate

We will continue with the passion of Jesus as he stands trial before Pontius Pilate. The chief priests have already determined that Jesus is guilty of Blasphemy. Now they manipulate the charge before the Romans to give the appearance that Jesus is a political threat to Rome. We will consider these four points: 1. Pilate’s…

Jesus on Trial

We continue to see the testimony of the suffering of our Lord. Our text is Matthew 26:57-68. In this passage, we see Jesus on trial before the Sanhedrin. We need to consider Jesus as both our savior and our example in his sufferings for us. Why was he hated by the Jewish leaders? How shall…

The Garden of Gethsemane

We will be considering one of the high points in all redemptive history. We are walking on holy ground as we witness Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. Text Reference: Mt 26:36-46. We will consider these three points. 1. The passion of Christ. 2. The sleepiness of the disciples. 3. The application to us.