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The Book of Matthew

The Sign of Jonah

How should we understand the desire for signs and wonders? Is this something we should cater to? In the morning sermon, we continue in Matthew 12 to consider Jesus’ response to the unbelief of the Jews. Jesus denounces the request for a sign as one that comes from an “evil and adulterous generation” (v. 29).…

Words Matter Eternally

In Matthew 12:33-37 Jesus exposes the hearts of men by calling attention to the words that we speak. We all speak careless words and don’t think much of it. Here, Jesus tells us that words matter and they matter eternally. We will consider these three points: 1. Words matter because they reveal hearts. 2. Words matter because…

A Sin Unpardonable?

We will look again at Matthew 12:22-32. We return to this text again to answer the question what is this “unpardonable sin?” I will be answering these three questions in the message: 1. What is the “Unpardonable sin?” 2. Why is it “unpardonable?” 3. What should we do in light of this truth?

The Clashing of Two Kingdoms

As we see division in this world, we need to remember the true nature of the battle that we face.  It’s not an earthly political struggle, nor a battle against the forces of nature. It’s a spiritual warfare in which Jesus has come to bring salvation to all those who embrace him as king. And…

The Great Blessing of the Kingdom

We will consider Jesus’ encouragement for us as members of the kingdom of heaven. What does it mean when Jesus says that “the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John”?  We need to take our eyes off of the obstacles and remember the privileges we share in Christ’s glorious…

The Offense of the Cross

John the Baptist has something of a crisis of faith as he is in prison, awaiting martyrdom. He sends messengers to Jesus to ask if he is the one to come or should we seek another? John needs to see the glory of the gospel and learn that it is greater than he had imagined.…

Transcending Family Values

We are finishing our study of Matthew 10. We may often feel the comfort of conservativism, but the Lord calls us to stand firm for him. In our text, Jesus makes clear where the battle line is drawn. He reminds us of the cost of discipleship and also the reward. We will consider these three…

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