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The Book of Genesis

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder?

We continue in the life of Jacob. Here the Lord begins to lead him in faith as a pilgrim like his father. We see that the Lord takes the initiative with his people. We must learn to rest in his promises and respond to him with faith. We will consider these four points: 1. Jacob’s…

The Lord Will Provide

We come to Genesis 22 and the story of God’s great test of Abraham’s faith. What God asked of Abraham is the greatest test of faith imaginable. And it seems to work against his promise. Abraham passed that test and God showed his faithfulness through it. We will consider these four points: 1. The great…

Abram’s Egyptian Sojourn

We will continue in the life of Abraham while considering Genesis 12:10-20 which teaches us of the failure and weakness of Abram’s faith. Abram is not an example of faith to us in this passage. But the Lord reminds us of his grace in this passage. We see Abram’s failure but God faithfulness to his…

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