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The Book of Exodus (Page 2)

The Ark of the Covenant

In Exodus 25:10-22, we will consider the structure and the purpose of the most holy piece of furniture in the tabernacle: the ark of the covenant. Consider these points: 1. The structure of the ark and its symbolism. 2. The purpose of the ark and its function. 3. The reality in Christ.

The Blessing of the Tabernacle

We are starting a new section of the book of Exodus with a description of the tabernacle and its furnishings. The text is Exodus 25:1-9. We will consider these four points: 1. The purpose of the tabernacle. 2. The richness of the tabernacle. 3. The pattern of the tabernacle. 4. The reality in Christ.

Compassion and Holiness

We are continuing  in the Book of the Covenant. In our text, Exodus 22:21-31, we see the summary of the law explained in a practical way as God shows us the connection between a concern for our neighbor and a holy devotion to the Lord. We will consider these four points: 1. The connection between holiness and…


We continue in the Book of the Covenant. We will consider the case laws that apply the 8th commandment to the situation in Israel. The principle of restitution is important in the matter of justice. We will also consider how Jesus makes a difference calling us to a new generosity through the gospel. The text…

An Eye For An Eye

We continue in the Book of the Covenant. We will consider the principle of public justice known as An Eye for An Eye. Jesus makes a reference to this also in Matthew 5:38-42. The text is Exodus 21:18-32. We will consider these three points: 1. The justice of these laws. 2. The wonderful grace of…

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