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Sermons on Romans

The Great Faith Struggle

Our passage is Romans 7:7-25. This passage is somewhat controversial as Paul lays out the struggle against sin and the use of the law in that struggle. Is this the struggle of one who is not yet a believer? Or, is this the ongoing struggle of the believer? We will consider how Paul describes this…

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

We will return to our study of the book of Romans. Scripture reference is Romans 6:1-14. Here, in chapter six, Paul makes a transition in his teaching from justification to sanctification. But notice the way that he does this and how he keeps our focus on Christ and his death and resurrection. Consider these three points: 1.…

The Promise Realized Through Faith

“To be able to distinguish between the law and the gospel is of utmost importance to the faith, holiness and comfort of every true Christian.” John Colquhoun, A Treatise On The Law and The Gospel.
In our text, Romans 4: 13-25, Paul continues to discuss the doctrine of justification by faith.

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