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Sermons on Psalms

The Sanctifying Knowledge of God

We met with the Mount Airy congregation in a joint afternoon service. I will be preaching from Psalm 139. Here we see David’s meditation on the divine attributes and we see his response of faith. We will consider these five points: David’s reflection on God’s omniscience. (vv. 1-6) David’s reflection on God’s omnipresence. (vv. 7-12) David’s reflection…

O Taste and See That the Lord is Good!

We will consider the message of Psalm 34, which is our theme scripture for this year’s Thank Offering. This is an evangelistic psalm that not only calls us to worship but invites others to join us as well. We will consider these points: David’s testimony. (vv. 4-7) David’s invitation. (vv. 8-14) David’s declaration of the…

The Blessing of True Unity

I will be preaching on Psalm 133. The message is entitled The Blessing of True Unity. We will consider these five points: 1. True unity Is good and pleasant. 2. True unity Is demonstrated in the anointing ceremony of the high priest. 3. True unity comes down from above. 4. True unity is an aspect…

The Universal Call to Worship

We will be looking at a well-known psalm of praise, which is an expression of the gospel. Many people do not understand the gospel is calling us to worship God and giving us the freedom to do so with joy. Many professing Christians do not live lives of joyful service but instead often appear to…

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