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Sermons on Matthew

The Offense of the Cross

John the Baptist has something of a crisis of faith as he is in prison, awaiting martyrdom. He sends messengers to Jesus to ask if he is the one to come or should we seek another? John needs to see the glory of the gospel and learn that it is greater than he had imagined.…

Transcending Family Values

We are finishing our study of Matthew 10. We may often feel the comfort of conservativism, but the Lord calls us to stand firm for him. In our text, Jesus makes clear where the battle line is drawn. He reminds us of the cost of discipleship and also the reward. We will consider these three…

The Fear That Ends All Fear

The Lord continues to give us encouragement for our witness as a church. In this text, Jesus speaks against ungodly fear and calls us to exercise godly fear. We all struggle with the fear of man. Jesus encourages us to fear God and not men. This godly fear drives out ungodly fear. It is this…

Wisdom for the Struggle

We continue in our study of Matthew chapter ten, which is a discourse on discipleship. One of the biggest struggles to faithful witness is the fear of men. Along with that fear, is the false idea that unless we are well liked by all, something is wrong with our witness. In our text, Jesus seeks…

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