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Sermons on Exodus (Page 2)


We continue in the Book of the Covenant. We will consider the case laws that apply the 8th commandment to the situation in Israel. The principle of restitution is important in the matter of justice. We will also consider how Jesus makes a difference calling us to a new generosity through the gospel. The text…

An Eye For An Eye

We continue in the Book of the Covenant. We will consider the principle of public justice known as An Eye for An Eye. Jesus makes a reference to this also in Matthew 5:38-42. The text is Exodus 21:18-32. We will consider these three points: 1. The justice of these laws. 2. The wonderful grace of…

The Death Penalty

We’ll take a look at those sins in Israel that were punishable by death. We will be looking at Exodus 21:12-17 & 22:18-20. We need to consider these sins and the lessons we learn from these judicial laws. We will consider these four points: 1. The death penalty crimes. 2. How do they apply today?…

Slavery Laws and the Grace of God

Scripture Reference: Exodus 21. These three chapters (Exodus 21-23) are often called The Book of the Covenant. Having finished the Ten Commandments and some initial ceremonial laws, God begins to give Moses other judicial and ceremonial laws that are specific applications of the moral law in the context of Israel’s situation. Although these laws are…

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