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The Holiness of a Sacrifice

We will be considering the message of Leviticus 17. This passage focuses our attention on the sacredness of the sacrifices and the need for honoring life-blood. The message is entitled The Holiness of a Sacrifice.  We will consider these four points: Rules regarding animal sacrifice & blood. The threat of judgment for violating these rules. The fulfillment in…

The Source of all Salvation Blessings

We will consider the source of all salvation blessings. Paul begins with a doxology of praise to God for all the blessings of salvation. We need to consider the source of all saving blessings lest we think they can come some other way (i.e., we contributed something of our own) and so we can know the…

The Encouragement We Need

Taking a break from Leviticus for one week to consider one of my favorite passages in the book of Hebrews. This passage summarizes one of the main exhortations of the whole book. The text is Hebrews 10:25-26.  The title is The encouragement we need. We will answer these three questions from the text: What is this endurance we…

The Final Doxology

Paul ends the book with a doxology (a statement of praise to God). In this doxology, Paul speaks of the blessings of the gospel he has just expounded and applied throughout the book. He ends with another reference to the obedience of faith. This is a fitting conclusion to a book that, more than any other, is…

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