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Biblical Worship
Vital Fellowship
Faithful Witness

What is your Sunday Schedule?

Our morning worship begins at 11:00am. Our evening service begins at 6:00pm.

Where is the location of the services?

We are currently meeting at Crews United Methodist Church. 4150 Reidsville Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27101 

What can I expect when I visit?

We are a welcoming church. We will greet you before the service. Afterward, we have an informal fellowship time. If it is the first Sunday of the month, we will invite you to join us for our fellowship lunch in the sanctuary. On other Sundays, you will probably have an invitation to visit someone’s house for lunch.  

How long is your worship service?

Our services are usually about one hour and twenty minutes.

What is the music like?

We have congregational singing from a hymnal with piano or organ accompaniment. In the evening service, we enjoy a hymn sing when we sing selections chosen by individuals before the service.

What should I wear?

We have no dress code. While some dress more formally for worship, others wear casual attire.

What about childcare?

We enjoy having our children with us in worship and welcome the sounds of little ones. We want to teach our children to worship as soon as they are able. We do have a sitting room outside the main room for those who might need to attend to the needs of little ones or who have other special needs.

What about other Bible classes and instruction?

We have membership classes, which are taught by the pastor. We also have a women’s Bible study that meets once a month, and a men’s study group that meets weekly. We have a monthly time of fellowship and study for parents called Covenant Nurture Fellowship. And for those who may be seeking more information about the Christian faith, we offer a Christianity Explored Bible Study.

Christianity Explored

This study is geared for those who are not Christians and want to study the claims of Christ in a welcome atmosphere. There are short video presentations in each lesson, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions. The study will examine the evidence for Christianity from the original source, looking at the gospel of Mark. The course is designed to answer three questions: 1. Who is Jesus Christ?, 2. What did he do?, 3. How does he call us to respond?